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Diploma in Polymer Technology

Polymer technology can be described in brief as the study of manufacturing process, analysis and application of long chain molecules. Materials that are typically classified as high polymers include fibers, plastics, elastomers, additives, paints and surface coating and many more. These materials today fully control the highly technological era. It has become impossible to live life as we know now without polymer products. Industries that are totally dependent on polymers include information technology aerospace, medical application, auto mobile, and construction fields many more.
This course is designed in such a way that students can grasp employment in major polymer based industries like Tyre and Petrochemicals. Our mission is to equip the students with unique blend of technical talent and personal skills in the field of elastomers, plastics and composites

The various laboratories under this department are listed below:
  • Polymer science lab
  • Rubber Technology
  • Polymer Analysis Lab
  • Latex technology Lab
  • Polymer Products Lab
  • Products Testing Lab
  • Quality Assurance Lab
  • Composite Lab
  • Design & Development Lab
  • Polymer Machinery Lab